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Simple Steps to enjoy your flowers : General Guide

A little love & care for your flowers and they will bloom better, last longer.


Keeping bouquets in wrappers

If you need to keep the flowers inside packaging for some time – we have some water at the base of bouquets. Just make sure the bouquet is kept with water. If unsure, better add more water! Add some water from the top center of bouquet, some flowers like hydrangeas drink up water quicker than others! 

Keep the tape or string that holds the bouquet design so that you do not need to rearrange flowers. You only need to remove wrapping and the water bag base.

Find a good spot for flowers

Keep flowers in cool location, avoid direct sun, direct heat or fan.

Keep away from fruits! Chemicals released from fruits such as ethylene can ripen your flowers.

Clean water, clean vase

Remove all foliage below water level to keep water clean so flowers can last longer. Always wash vase with hot water and soap before use and whenever you change fresh water. Change water regularly. Bacteria thrives in dirty water and will shorten flowers life, so keep vase and water clean!

Find the right vase

Have your vase ready before you prepare the fresh flowers. Flower stems should be keep in water as much as possible for better water absorption. Once it leaves water, air bubble may enter the stem and hinder water absorption. Top up with enough water so that all stems cutting will be under water. 

Vase size depends on how much flower you have: you also need to ensure sufficient space to spread out the stems inside vase, to give sufficient water storage, and surface for water absorption.

Clean vase thoroughly to minimize bacteria. Left over soap or bleach could damage the flowers. You may add flower food to water.

Flower food and DIY remedies

Aspirin, soda, vinegar, bleach, sugar, copper coins etc.... these are some DIY remedies you may heard of, to keep water clean or introduce nutrients to flowers. However, each flowers requires different amount and wrong concentration may have opposite effect.  We recommend clean water or use tested and tried flower food which fits all cut flowers.

Making fresh cuts

Make a fresh cut every time you change water will help water absorption. Use a sharp, clean knife or scissors to cut approx. 1 inch off each stem around 45-degree angle to increase water absorbing area.

Spraying flowers

Spraying cannot replace water in vase. Some flowers like hydrangeas do like to have spray of water. Please ensure water is not trapped inside any flower heads which will cause flowers to rot and gets moldy.

For Baskets / vase arrangements

Keep topping up with water!

For flower in vase – we recommend changing water everyday, following the flower bouquet guide above.


Please remove lily pollen once the lily opens if you are worried about pollen stain – use tape to stick away pollen from fabric – wiping with water will worsen the stain.