•Watering is critical.

•Immediately water the tree when you receive it.

•Fill the tree stand with water and keep it filled everyday.

•Check to make sure the tree is drinking up everyday. Tree can consume 3 litre of water a day!

•Never let the water level go below the tree’s base cut.

•Keep the tree away from heat sources. In fact, the lower the temperature, the better the tree will do.

•Some people add aspirin or sugar to the water; we can’t say whether either helps.

•If it looks dry too quickly – try to give the a few deep cuts on the tree truck under the water level. This will increase openings for water absorption.

•Spraying the tree branches is optional but beneficial.

Your tree has come a long way from USA.

Hopefully our tree will bring you happiness and call up sweet memories for this important festival.





•檢查以確保聖誕樹每天都在喝水。 聖誕樹一天可以消耗3升的水!



•有些人在水中添加阿司匹林或糖; 我們不能說是否有幫助。

•如果它看起來乾得太快 – 盡量給水位下的樹幹上削幾道深深的切口,增加吸水位。