Guide to Auspicious Chinese New Year~ Tangerines, Mandarins, Dragon Eggs & Kumquats 農曆新年指南〜四季桔,朱砂桔,龍蛋和金桔

Guide to Chinese New Year~ Tangerines, Mandarins, Dragon Eggs & Kumquats Why These fruits? What it means? The Chinese word for these "baby oranges" is "Gut" (桔) which puns on luck, so the more fruits the better! Plants can also be placed near doorways especially popular for large commercial buildings and banks, to ensure you bring in good luck each time you step in. Different Varieties The most common ones are “Say Kwai Gut" (四季桔) small round light orange Mandarins, which translates to "All-seasons-luck", hence the popularity. Other less common varieties including Dragon Egg (龍蛋/龍膽) and Kamquat (金桔).  Traditionally, after New Year, these 3 varieties are made into salted preserved fruits that are used as remedies for sore throat and hearty drinks. Do you know there is a special type of tangerines intended to get moldy easier to symbolize bringing fortune? A more golden orange color and bigger varieties call "Chu-Sa-Gut" (朱砂桔). These bigger fruits are must haves for certain provinces in China as they tend to get moldy quicker~ to pun on "Get rich" (發). So if you follow the old customs, the more moldy the better! How to keep the plant? The fruit tree loves water! Water everyday or at least every other day. A 30 cm pot can take 1-2 cups of water daily depending on where you place it~ as the plant is grown in soil with less water retention water seeps out fast each time. Curled up and crispy leaves before CNY is a sign of insufficient water intake. Our Range of Tangerines and Mandarins can be purchased here:–mandarins   農曆新年指南〜四季桔,朱砂桔,龍蛋和金桔 象徵意義和品種 桔代表 “好運氣”(吉), 所以放桔當然是果越多越大就越好!一般將桔作為大門口佈置,特別是大型商業建築和銀行,代表每次踏進去時都能帶入好運。 最常見的是圓形小桔"四季桔",代表“四季好運氣”,也因此很受歡迎。其他較不常見的品種包括龍蛋/龍膽和金桔。傳統上,在新年之後,更會將這3個品種醃製,用作治咽喉痛飲料。   您知道嗎?有一種特定的桔,特別易發霉以象徵更容易發財? “硃砂桔”~這些較大較深橙的桔是中國某些省份必不可少的新年擺設,因為它們往往發霉更快,以“大發特發”為佳,傳統老一輩做生意的尤其喜歡。   如何保養桔? 桔樹愛水!每天或至少每隔一天澆水。一個30厘米直徑的花盆每天可吸取1-2杯水,具體取決於您放置的位置〜由於該植物生長的土壤保水能力較低,每次滲出水的速度很快。如果農曆新年前葉子已捲起或變脆,表明桔樹吸水量不足。   可以在這裡購買四季桔,朱砂桔,龍蛋和金桔:–mandarins

New World Club Member Exclusive Offer 新世界New World Club會員尊享優惠

Anglo Chinese Florist now offers special price on selected items to all New World Artisanal Living App Club members! Whats better, delivery is WAIVED for delivery to selected list of New World properties below: 中西花店為所有新世界 Artisanal Living App 會員提供精選商品優惠!送貨至以下新世界物業,更享有免費送貨服務   The Pavilia Hill Fleur Pavilia Artisan House Bohemian House Eight South Lane The Signature Sky Park   HOW TO ENJOY OFFER?  如何享受優惠? 1. Select items from Members exclusive page 從會員專享頁面中選擇心水禮品   2. For free delivery to selected buildings as listed above 免費送貨到上述指定物業 At Checkout – please select for Delivery Method : New World drop down list: 結帳時-請從下拉列表中選擇送貨方式:新世界   FAQ 常問問題 Can I select other items in the other sections of the website? 網站上其他產品有折扣嗎? You may select other items in website, price will be same as our general customers. However we also have our own Anglo Chinese member prices, so we recommend you to tick the join our membership option upon checkout to enjoy best price. If you select other items outside promotion, you may still enjoy free delivery for selected list of buildings by choosing the free delivery option as mentioned above. 您可以選購網站上的其他商品,價格和一般顧客相同。我們亦有中西會員優惠,建議您在結帳時也勾選加入我們的會員,以享受最優惠的價格。 如果您選擇The Club以外的其他商品,仍可以通過選擇上述的免費送貨選項來享受指定地點的免費送貨。   What about delivery fee to other location 運送到其他地點的費用? You will be charged for delivery outside the selected list above, charges can be seen upon selection at checkout or you can see list of details here. If you select The Club Member exclusive promotion items but want to deliver to other addresses, Please select other standard delivery options, delivery charge is listed once you select from the drop down list at check out. 您將被收取送貨費用,在結帳時選擇相關區域後將顯示費用,亦可以在此處查看詳細送費表。 如果您選擇新世界The Club會員精選商品,但想送貨到其他地址,請選擇其他標準送貨選項,從下拉列表中進行選擇,就會列出送貨費用   What about same day delivery? 需要即日送貨怎麼辦? Yes we do, however you will need to order over tel: 29212986  or whatsapp We can recommend what is best option available for the day. Please remember to mention your The Club membership to enjoy offer. 是的,我們可以安排,但是您需要通過電話:29212986 或 whatsapp 訂購。我們可以推薦當天最合適你的時令選擇。請記住提及您的The Club會員才能享受優惠。   Please note some seasonal items have limited delivery schedule – e.g. Xmas Trees Chinese New Year item. Please ensure when you checkout that you choose date base on schedule listed under description of the desired item.  請注意,某些季節性限定產品有特定的送貨日期-例如聖誕樹。請確保您結賬時根據有關產品的說明中所列出的送送貨日期去填寫合適的送貨日期。

Christmas Tree Care Tips 聖誕樹護理小貼士

•Watering is critical. •Immediately water the tree when you receive it. •Fill the tree stand with water and keep it filled everyday. •Check to make sure the tree is drinking up everyday. Tree can consume 3 litre of water a day! •Never let the water level go below the tree’s base cut. •Keep the tree away from heat sources. In fact, the lower the temperature, the better the tree will do. •Some people add aspirin or sugar to the water; we can’t say whether either helps. •If it looks dry too quickly – try to give the a few deep cuts on the tree truck under the water level. This will increase openings for water absorption. •Spraying the tree branches is optional but beneficial. Your tree has come a long way from USA. Hopefully our tree will bring you happiness and call up sweet memories for this important festival.   •澆水至關重要。 •收到聖誕樹時立即給樹澆水。 •在樹架註滿水並保持滿水。 •檢查以確保聖誕樹每天都在喝水。 聖誕樹一天可以消耗3升的水! •切勿讓水位低於聖誕樹幹底部的切口。 •遠離熱源。溫度越低,樹會越持久。 •有些人在水中添加阿司匹林或糖; 我們不能說是否有幫助。 •如果它看起來乾得太快 – 盡量給水位下的樹幹上削幾道深深的切口,增加吸水位。 •可噴灑樹枝增加吸水,但不是必須的。 你的樹從美國很遠道來。 希望我們的樹能帶給你快樂,並為這個重要的節日喚起美滿的回憶。

Flowers For Anniversary Gifts Top 5 Tips 紀念日送花小貼士

Anniversary gift flowers~ doing it every year doesn't mean men have expertise on this! Some Tips based on our everyday observations. Hope this helps! 重要紀念日送花? 好多男士縱使年年送仍然毫無頭緒? 想畀啲貼士對方買啱心水嘅禮物畀你? TOP 5小貼士比大家.     Simplest way to show her you understand her and know her taste. These little details are what make ladies notice and appreciate your effort. 送禮顯得更有心思,只需要加一點點另一半喜歡嘅顏色,已經令到花束有不同!好多時候男士都不知道對方喜歡什麼種類的花,也不習慣在對方收到後收feedback。加入對方喜歡的顏色是最簡單表達自己對對方的了解。   Flower is like art, there are so and colours and flowers combinations! If you are spending the money you might as well make it worth and impress the lady. At Anglo Chinese, as long as client let us know the occasion we will help to keep record to make it simple. 花就是藝術品顏色及組合千變萬化 ! 既然要花錢送禮物,不如令到禮物更物有所值,真正令另一半喜歡。 只要客人願意告訴我們特別日子和用途的話,我們都會為客人保留紀錄,要年年不同,也非常簡單。   Whats most important to lady is your words! Korean drama got popular because of the way men speak out their affection in the drama. It is challenging for many men but really makes a big difference and could even create unforgettable memories for her! 情深說話才是最重要! 韓劇近年風靡全球,就是因為裏面的男主角都很會說情話。對很多男性這是一個大挑戰,但這比講容易些吧。記得寫下的說話,有心思的話女生會畢生難忘的!   No one like the same thing year on year! Red rose is like a must for western Valentine's Day but not to Asian. It just looks like you don't know her taste and haven't put much effort in the celebrations. 根據我哋非官方統計好少女仔鍾意年年一樣!西方情人節必送紅玫瑰,但香港女士們似乎大都喜歡更多新鮮感,更少女的顏色。除非是真的非常喜歡紅玫瑰,次次送紅玫瑰顯得沒有花心思了解女士品味和安排禮物。   We found many male customers immediately drawn by the vibrant colours of gerbera daisies and sunflowers. Please don't! Most ladies prefer something more delicate, unique and elegant as romantic gift. Gerberas and Sunflowers as the main flower in a bouquet are usually gifts for cheering up colleagues and not a romantic flower in Hong Kong. Just ask the designer to help you pick special flowers. 好多男士一看到七彩繽紛的太陽花和太陽菊,眼球就馬上被吸著! 從未聽過有女士會選擇這個是他們最喜歡的花。女士都喜歡較精緻獨特顯出她品味的花!並非完全不可以用,但以太陽花和太陽菊作主花,一般都是送給同事或秘書用的。 最好請教花藝師幫你挑選更獨特的花。