Guide to Chinese New Year~ Tangerines, Mandarins, Dragon Eggs & Kumquats



Why These fruits? What it means?

The Chinese word for these "baby oranges" is "Gut" (桔) which puns on luck, so the more fruits the better! Plants can also be placed near doorways especially popular for large commercial buildings and banks, to ensure you bring in good luck each time you step in.

Different Varieties

The most common ones are “Say Kwai Gut" (四季桔) small round light orange Mandarins, which translates to "All-seasons-luck", hence the popularity.

Other less common varieties including Dragon Egg (龍蛋/龍膽) and Kamquat (金桔). 

Traditionally, after New Year, these 3 varieties are made into salted preserved fruits that are used as remedies for sore throat and hearty drinks.

Do you know there is a special type of tangerines intended to get moldy easier to symbolize bringing fortune?

A more golden orange color and bigger varieties call "Chu-Sa-Gut" (朱砂桔). These bigger fruits are must haves for certain provinces in China as they tend to get moldy quicker~ to pun on "Get rich" (發). So if you follow the old customs, the more moldy the better!

How to keep the plant?

The fruit tree loves water! Water everyday or at least every other day. A 30 cm pot can take 1-2 cups of water daily depending on where you place it~ as the plant is grown in soil with less water retention water seeps out fast each time. Curled up and crispy leaves before CNY is a sign of insufficient water intake.

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桔代表 “好運氣”(吉), 所以放桔當然是果越多越大就越好!一般將桔作為大門口佈置,特別是大型商業建築和銀行,代表每次踏進去時都能帶入好運。