Anglo Chinese Florist now offers special price on selected items to all New World Artisanal Living App Club members!

Whats better, delivery is WAIVED for delivery to selected list of New World properties below:

中西花店為所有新世界 Artisanal Living App 會員提供精選商品優惠!送貨至以下新世界物業,更享有免費送貨服務


The Pavilia Hill

Fleur Pavilia

Artisan House

Bohemian House

Eight South Lane

The Signature

Sky Park



1. Select items from Members exclusive page 從會員專享頁面中選擇心水禮品


2. For free delivery to selected buildings as listed above 免費送貨到上述指定物業

At Checkout – please select for Delivery Method : New World drop down list:



FAQ 常問問題

Can I select other items in the other sections of the website? 網站上其他產品有折扣嗎?

You may select other items in website, price will be same as our general customers. However we also have our own Anglo Chinese member prices, so we recommend you to tick the join our membership option upon checkout to enjoy best price.

If you select other items outside promotion, you may still enjoy free delivery for selected list of buildings by choosing the free delivery option as mentioned above.


如果您選擇The Club以外的其他商品,仍可以通過選擇上述的免費送貨選項來享受指定地點的免費送貨。


What about delivery fee to other location 運送到其他地點的費用?

You will be charged for delivery outside the selected list above, charges can be seen upon selection at checkout or you can see list of details here.

If you select The Club Member exclusive promotion items but want to deliver to other addresses, Please select other standard delivery options, delivery charge is listed once you select from the drop down list at check out.


如果您選擇新世界The Club會員精選商品但想送貨到其他地址,請選擇其他標準送貨選項,從下拉列表中進行選擇,就會列出送貨費用


What about same day delivery? 需要即日送貨怎麼辦?

Yes we do, however you will need to order over tel: 29212986  or whatsapp We can recommend what is best option available for the day. Please remember to mention your The Club membership to enjoy offer.

是的,我們可以安排,但是您需要通過電話:29212986 或 whatsapp 訂購。我們可以推薦當天最合適你的時令選擇。請記住提及您的The Club會員才能享受優惠。


Please note some seasonal items have limited delivery schedule – e.g. Xmas Trees Chinese New Year item. Please ensure when you checkout that you choose date base on schedule listed under description of the desired item.