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All about our Christmas Trees 2021
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Christmas is more important than ever in this imperfect year, with pandemic, all kinds of unexpected challenges and shipment chaos worldwide. Being the first company in HK selling Christmas trees since more than 30 years ago, we are doing everything we can against all challenges, to get Christmas trees for our fans, to bring Hong Kongers a Merry Christmas. We are grateful to have the chance help celebrate Christmas with so many families.  

In the meantime, we will update this page with all latest development to keep our fans informed. Your understanding and support makes all our extra efforts to bring Christmas Trees to Hong Kong more meaningful and all worthwhile.

Where is my Denmark tree? (last updated 6 Dec 2021 noon) 

2 containers on Cosco Denmark are expected to arrive HK on 11th Dec 01:00, after stopping Xiamen and Nansha port.  We will wait at container port for clearance once the ship arrive. and delivery immediately once custom is cleared. Earliest delivery is 12 Dec late afternoon, we aim to deliver all 2 containers in 60 hours after clearance. Thank you for your trust and patience.

Extra 2 containers are also coming by Maersk Essen, coming directly from Salalah port, expected arrival in HK Dec 15, 11:30. 

Early bird clients will of course be prioritized for delivery. 

Please click 2 maps below for latest update satellite.

16 Nov 2021 seems that it is all going smooth at the Suez Canal! Please feel free to go online to trace the vessel! Let's pray for the best that everything go smooth at the stopping ports....

P.s. Given limited time to update 1000s of clients, answer even more calls and whatsapp wanting to be on a waiting list, plus the ongoing communication we need to keep searching for better solution.....  we thank you for your kind understanding as we do not having a Chinese version of this update page yet while we spread our team to handle all these aspects. And our colleagues can only do their best to explain in English, their second language, hence we try to give more details here for everyone. With Metta.

28-10-2021 (last updated 6 Dec)

Denmark Nordmann Fir Trees
shipment is expected to arrive HK on Dec 11, delivery can be 12 Dec earliest (revised 6 Dec).

16-Nov: Tree sailing on the way at Suez Canal! next stop Malaysia.

10-Nov: Tree sailing on the way near Italy and heading to Suez Canal!

29-Oct: tree are all loaded in containers and ready to go!) 

In light of big shipment delays, we have tried to source more trees from other origin as contingency plan, including Netherlands and Germany. As at this morning, we have just managed to book approximately 1000 Nordmann trees from Denmark. We are truly grateful that we are still able to come up with this contingency plan so last minute, especially when we know many established suppliers in HK had given up on getting any trees for their clients. So far we have learnt about at least 20 containers worth of trees already cancelled by other importers....

This is also our first time doing Denmark trees! Below are some photos from the farm at Denmark:

28 Oct 2021

Everything you need to know about Danmark Nordmann Fir

The Nordmann Fir is more commonly known as the 'non-drop' tree because of its excellent needle retention. Super easy care even in warm environment. Layered branches similar to the way Noble fir grows, so ornaments can be display nicely in between the strong and layered branches.

Nordmann fir is also the most popular species for Christmas trees in Denmark, and most of Europe is the Nordmann fir. ... The director of the Danish Christmas Tree Growers Association has stated that the Danish Nordmann is the "Rolls-Royce of trees" and called it "coveted".
In terms of scent, the Nordmann Fir does not produce a strong scent in the way Noble fir does.



Shearing and Pruning trees US vs European trees

In Hong Kong, almost 100% of Christmas trees were traditionally imported from US, where trees are cut and trimmed a lot more for a man-made triangle shape. 


In Europe, trees are pruned less for a more natural growth.


So even the same variety / breed of tree, we have to understand there will be difference: just as there is different way of defining beauty in different culture and respect different cultural practice in terms of how they prune trees.


Either way, a real natural tree makes all the difference for Christmas, we know how our clients appreciate a real tree for this once-a-year occasion, that is why we make so much more effort than our usual competitors this year to get trees into Hong Kong. 


27 Oct 2021  (last updated 9 Nov)

Latest Shipment Date Update from US

Nov 9: sadly US trees is not coming this year.... we received notification that there is major delay just for sending the containers to port before they can even get loaded on ship......therefore even though containers are loaded, we do not think it will be in time for xmas.....  

Oct 27: Shipment we booked was estimated to arrive HK in Mid November, but has just been delayed to estimated arrival date 8 December.

While this is still earlier than our delayed date in 2020, we are working with agents to find other ship, other company, and even other loading ports. hopefully to secure an earlier shipment booking.

Revise: We have now secure 1 container to switch to another shipping company and loading port, hopefully with more equipment to speed up loading and less congestion. expected to arrive 6 Dec. Agents will continue to work on finding better dates....

29 Oct: We have secured all in an earlier shipment! expected arrival 6 Dec! Still checking for any possibility for earlier ship....

Meanwhile the Nordmann fir from Denmark should arrive much earlier for those who want ASAP delivery....


Shipment delays? Why?

Just as we all expected 2021 would be our recovery year from a full year of surprises in 2020, non of us would expect shipping would be an even worse issue this Christmas.


It is a world wide issue all over the news that no-one can pin point to one single cause, not even the best or biggest international Shipping company, nor any sea port, forwarding agents or government can tell you a solution or make any promise when this can be solved. Google shipping delay and you have long list of news and videos and suggestions...... 


A few quick links for your reference:






How Anglo Chinese planned Xmas, since May 2021

Every year we have to secure our trees from farms by May/ early June. This also ensures forwarding agent knows about our needs long before so that they also can book / plan ahead.


Last year many of our clients already witnessed how we have handled the unexpected delays and miraculously delivered a full container of trees in just 1 day instead of how delivery is usually spread over 1 week. We are definitely more ready and capable to handle late arrival this year.


We have also booked earlier shipment dates than what we used to, in order to give more buffer for delays.



21 Oct 2021 (revised 28 Oct 2021)

2020 Customers first.....

Sorry we have to priorities 2020 client first! there is only so many trees we have secure for this year.....

Latest update 28 Oct 2021: we have now restarted taking all orders! limited stock and size, so please order by whatsapp.

More tree care tips decoration tips etc to come, click here.